Encouraging Intermediate Students to try the Advanced Class

I’m writing to encourage intermediate students to try the Advanced Class. Although, I was basically a self taught student, I found the class not too difficult and benefited from it greatly.

I found out about the NHGA by attending the Stammtisch six years ago. At that time there were a number of GLS student regulars. So I decided to try the Advanced Class because that’s where my friends were. Although, I was not really ready for it. Leslie made me feel very welcome. Leslie Blanding is a very experienced instructor and works well with students at various levels. The class work is well balanced and I never felt overwhelmed by the class work or homework. I knew from day one that I could switch to the Intermediate Class if needed.

Sometimes it takes a challenge and a push to get to the next level. You may be surprised to learn that you are already there. Hope to meet you in the Advanced Class one day,

by Ron Tornow

Appropriate Mix of German and English

I started learning German as a college freshman, over forty years ago, to support my plans for an advanced degree in mathematics.  When I was in college, being able to translate from the “major” mathematics languages (at that time German, French, and Russian) was a requirement for any major Math Ph.D. program.  So I tried them all.  And of the three languages, I really enjoyed learning German and ended up taking four full years of it, plus a month of study in Vienna.

But after leaving graduate school in 1975, my German “went to sleep” for a very long time.  On the occasions when I had a chance to travel to Germany or Switzerland for business, some of my vocabulary would come back, but as with anything that you don’t practice, my skills got worse and worse.

About four years ago, I decided to pursue the language again and I found the German Language School (GLS) via an Internet search.  I was really fearful of how eroded my skills had become so I decided to restart my journey in the second semester of the Advanced Beginner class, moving to the Intermediate class the next semester.  I stayed in the Intermediate class for a couple of years, and this year moved into the Advanced group.

So my recommendation of the program is based on having seen three different instructors, in three different language levels, over a four year time period.

I recommend the GLS program enthusiastically:

  • I find the classes enjoyable – yes, it can be fun to learn or improve a new language – and run in a very informal, non-judgmental format.
  • Each of the classes is conducted with an appropriate mix of German and English, with more and more German content as you progress.  The Advanced Beginner and Intermediate classes have both English and German content, while the Advanced session is conducted completely “auf Deutsch” (in German).
  • The instructors are positive and enthusiastic, with excellent German speaking and reading skills.
  • There is an appropriate amount of “homework” between classes, typically consisting of reading, or short grammar exercises, or vocabulary building exercises (nearly always enjoyable), and listening to a German audio or viewing a short tele-novella in German.  The amount of homework increases across the levels of the classes, increasing as one progresses.  But I’ve never found it burdensome and I can speak with some first-hand knowledge that no-one will criticize or embarrass you if you don’t finish it in advance.
  • I would also like to say that I really like the people who are part of the GLS – both the instructors and the attendees.  It’s really a fun experience to participate in the classes.

I also feel very good about the improvement in my German skills over the last four years, and would recommend the GLS programs without hesitation to anyone who wants to learn a new language or rebuild their knowledge of this language.

by Chris

Excellent Opportunity For Learning German

The summer classes provide an excellent opportunity for learning German in a casual and fun environment. We have taken the games and travel classes and really enjoyed both of them. As a summer student, you get to meet and interact with other German students at all levels. It’s especially great for those who have more free time in the summer and who may not be able to attend night classes during the rest of the year.

by Mike and Diane

This program will lead me to fluency

This program is outstanding and I love my German classes!

I was born in Germany and was adopted by an American family as a child. In adulthood, I have found many German speaking siblings and these German classes been instrumental in helping me to communicate with my family.

My instructor is truly fantastic and my classmates are friendly and helpful! I have no doubt that this program will lead me to fluency.

by Keith Mercier

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