New School Website Launched

Welcome to the new website! We have re-launched and redesigned the information for the New Hampshire Germanic Association (NHGA) in hopes to provide everyone with a bit more condensed information, news updates and a place to call your home.

Our goal is to allow teachers to post updates, tips for learning German and their own news articles that people can access to further learn German at home on their own time. Hopefully, everyone finds the new site a useful resource moving forward and gives us feedback on things they’d love to see appear on

About The Author

During the day I work for in Sales at a mid-sized company working with many regions of the world from the US to Germany. In my spare time I do some website development and management and blogging. As a side business, I run a company called BitStreamTV, LLC doing video podcasting as a host for a cocktail show known as Common Man Cocktails. I started learning German so I could teach my young children a second language before they grew up thinking English was the way of the world. This has given them a greater understanding of Language, Grammar and the fact that the world is a diverse place. I have been taking German classes at NHGA for over nine years.


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