German resources

No German School is complete without links to resources we have found useful over the years! While many of the resources we’ve found, themselves, may not make you fluent in German, pairing the services together with proper German teaching will go a long way to getting you fluent to the level you desire.

Accompany these resources with proper teaching and you’ll become an expert in no time!

Translation & Dictionaries

There are two styles of translation, human and automated. There are advantages to both (from accuracy to cost), so we’ve supplied you with a few along with a couple dictionary sites for great places to start.

  • Human Translation: You can contact us and we can help you with the translation or find someone that can.
  • Google Translate: Gives you a rough idea to some sentence structure to work from, but isn’t close to perfected.
  • Babylon: Another translation based website but has a few cluttered ads that may be annoying.
  • A clean and easy to use dictionary for translating words and common phrases.
  • Leo: Another in-depth dictionary that’s been fairly popular by our students in class; also has a mobile app.

Accompany these resources with proper teaching and you’ll become an expert in no time!

News and Culture

Immersion is huge when it comes to learning a new language and, for many of us, it’s just not possible to move to Germany for an extended period of time. So, how do we bridge that gap? Try some German news sites, read and watch video’s and embrace the German culture from the comfort of your computer.

  • DW World: Not only do they encompass German news, literature and culture, they have many tips and tutorials for helping people learn German. From video shorts like Jojo Sucht Das Gluck to their slow audio news reports for those learning the language.
  • For the more hardcore/native speakers to keep up on news around Germany. These folks are targeting their news towards those that speak German very well, may be tough for new learners.
  • German Radio Stations Online: Immersion is important, even if you don’t understand everything, get immersed and start “hearing” some of the ways words are spoken.
  • German For Kids: Start getting your children involved in a second language, encourage them to go beyond their comfort zone.

Extend Your Learning

Doing your homework can go beyond a few sheets of paper to read off in class. Build your language skills, grammar and confidence online or with others.

  • Nancy Thuleen: Brush up on your German grammar skills along with other great resources of information.