What German Class is Best For Me?

We’re glad to welcome a bunch of new students to NHGA recently and one of the big questions we’ve received is “I’m not sure which class will fit best for me.” Many students that comes to our German school will be at a different level of education. Some student arrive looking for a brand new language, as I did nine years ago. Other students want to brush up on their skills while others just don’t know where they would fit at all.

Fear not, we classify a student in a specific class that fits their own comfort level. That means you can show up and sit through different classes and figure out what feels the most comfortable. Much like buying a new pair of pants, just because you think it is a fit doesn’t mean it will be a fit! Try a few different levels on for size and stick with the class you believe will advance your learning.

The best German class for you will be the class that challenges you to work harder and a bit out of your comfort zone. While you do not want to be completely lost in a course, you also don’t want to breeze through it and become bored. The minute you realize you are not learning or find yourself wondering off in thought it is time for a change. A comfortable class is not always an easy class, advance yourself and push yourself each day to learn something new in both German and everyday life.

About The Author

During the day I work for in Sales at a mid-sized company working with many regions of the world from the US to Germany. In my spare time I do some website development and management and blogging. As a side business, I run a company called BitStreamTV, LLC doing video podcasting as a host for a cocktail show known as Common Man Cocktails. I started learning German so I could teach my young children a second language before they grew up thinking English was the way of the world. This has given them a greater understanding of Language, Grammar and the fact that the world is a diverse place. I have been taking German classes at NHGA for over nine years.


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