Thank You Sheehan Phinney!

The NH Germanic Association wants to thank Sheehan Phinney for allowing The German School to use its state-of-the-art, web-connected facilities to conduct a series of German film classes at its Manchester office. School director Christa Franke is leading students through a series of German language films designed to not only foster continued development of German language skills, but also to enhance student understanding of various elements of German culture. The first two films in the series focused on the former East German Stasi (secret police) before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall (die Wendung) and the lives and assimilation experiences of three generations of a Turkish-German family. Additional programs are anticipated for spring 2018 – so stay tuned!

In addition, with funds provided by Sheehan Phinney, The German School has recently acquired a new large screen TV and sound system for use in its German language classes. The new TV is paired with an Apple TV player (donated by Bob Cheney, the 2018 chair of the NHGA and a senior partner at Sheehan Phinney). This new equipment will give classroom teachers easy access from their iPads to a myriad of internet teaching and learning resources from sites in the US and Germany. “We have been using internet resources for some time as part of our curriculum,” says School Director Christa Franke, “but we are very excited with the new donations. The screen is large, the sound quality – which is very important to us – is far better, and it is much easier to use! We appreciate the support from our good friends at Sheehan Phinney.”

Watch the News section of the NHGA web site for further information regarding upcoming “Filmabend” events!

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