Price $305.00

Course Features
Language: German
1 hour
15 classes
Study Level: A1 (Intermediate Beginner)
Certificate of Completion Upon Request

Our classes will still be held over Zoom for those of you that cannot or do not want to travel to Manchester. The first class of the semester will be hybrid (in-person and over Zoom at same time). The second class will be Zoom-only. The rest of the classes will alternate in the same way thereafter – hybrid followed by Zoom-only. So, all odd weeks of the semester ( Weeks 1,3,5,7 … 15) will be in-classroom and Zoom, and all even weeks (Weeks 2,4,6,8 …14) will be Zoom-only.

Class begins on February 5th, 2024 and runs 15 weeks, Mondays.

Class begins at 5:00 pm and runs until 6:00 pm.

What Will I Learn?

This class is for children that have some prior German knowledge. The class will be structured around the book, using the themes in the book as a basis for learning. The book will be supplemented with materials in the Google Classroom.

This class will also be using the Kinder University materials from Goethe-Institute, for STEM subjects.

Learning Objectives

  • Magnet Neu A1.
  • Additional materials will be sent by email or Google classroom for parents to print or do online.
  • Children can practice at home, keep track of materials and links using Google Classroom.

Prior Knowledge

Class is open to children ages 10+


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