Visiting Germany German Culture

Challenge Yourself

1 Challenge yourself to learn a new language this year. Learning German will build a new appreciation for a its culture and rich history while challenging yourself intellectually.

Traveling to Germany

2Imagine yourself without the assistance of an automated English tour guide when traveling to Germany. Imagine ordering food like everyone else around you. Interesting idea, isn’t it?

Family Roots

3What better way to appreciate your German history than to learn its language? Can’t trace your roots back to Germany? Did you know English is a Germanic language going back hundreds of years?


4Being able to speak and do business with Germany is a part of many peoples job. Learning your customers language may help secure contracts and sales deals.

Latest News

St. Martin’s Day Lantern Walk

Posted on November 09, 16

On Monday, 07 November, both of the children’s classes combined for their annual Lantern Walk festivities. For the first hour, classmates were very busy...

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Summer Courses for ’16 Are Posted

Posted on May 19, 16

After a mild winter we've moved into spring 2016 fast and heading towards summer. To prepare yourself for the summer, we've announced all the...

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Snow Cancellation Feb 8th, 2016

Posted on February 08, 16

Hey folks, we’re going to cancel tonights classes due to the impending storm which should arrive later this afternoon / tonight. So, please stay...

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Fall 2015 Open House

Posted on August 28, 15

We are pleased to let you know that the NHGA will be having an open house on Wednesday, the 9th of September from 6-8...

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