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Course Features
Language: German
2 hours
15 classes
Study Level: B1+ (Intermediate - Advanced)
Certificate of Completion Upon Request

Our classes will still be held over Zoom for those of you that cannot or do not want to travel to Manchester. The first class of the semester will be hybrid (in-person and over Zoom at same time). The second class will be Zoom-only. The rest of the classes will alternate in the same way thereafter – hybrid followed by Zoom-only. So, all odd weeks of the semester ( Weeks 1,3,5,7 … 15) will be in-classroom and Zoom, and all even weeks (Weeks 2,4,6,8 …14) will be Zoom-only.

Class begins on February 7th, 2024 and runs 15 weeks, Wednesdays.

Class begins at 6:30 pm and runs until 8:30 pm.

This class is designed for students age 15+ years old.

What Will I Learn?

This class challenges learners to use their listening skills as well as using the spoken and written word. The class is structured around various forms of multimedia that give learners the opportunity to learn and listen to everyday language, learning vocabulary and new grammar skills along the way. Students will improve their skills while learning about various aspects of German speaking culture.


The class uses both the classbook and the workbook, level B1.2. You can choose to purchase the class book and workbook separately or combined in one book, and the purchase options are below.. Book goes through chapter 16.

  • Panorama B1 Gesamtband. Kursbuch und Übungsbuch ISBN 978-3-06-121090-8 
  • Panorama B1 Gesamtband Kursbuch ISBN 978-3-06-120523-2
  • Panorama B1 Gesamtband Übungsbuch ISBN 978-3-06-120479-2

Learning Objectives

  • The class is focused on communication and culture and language, which at this level, are all intertwined.
  • Students will improve their skills while learning about various aspects of German speaking culture.
  • Simple conversations and dialogues in German
  • Grammatical concepts

Prior Knowledge

The skill level demanded of this course is B1 and above. This course is intended for those moving out of beginner courses, are ready to construct bigger sentences and converse with other students on various topics.

You’ll find a challenge in learning and adapting to different tenses of speaking as you listen and speak about things you are working on now, things you did last week, and things you’re planning to do tomorrow.

This course will challenge the skills of B1 and higher and is great for more advanced students that have become “rusty” in the language due to lack of use.


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